Tissue-Glue Facelift

Fibrin sealant, a type of surgical glue is made from human blood-clotting proteins and is employed to control bleeding during everything from cardiopulmonary bypasses to cosmetic suturing.

Knowledgeable surgeons in Mexico increasingly cultivate success with use of the sealant because it seals capillary vessels.

The glue has been shown to accelerate healing time and provide consistent satisfactory results.

Understanding Tissue-glue Facelift

Surgeons in Mexico define tissue-glue facelift as a unique technique for closing the incision. As an alternative of sutures or stitches, this fibrin sealant acts as a vasoconstrictor, closing blood vessels to stop bleeding and seal the incision site.

Benefits of Tissue-glue Facelift

The most crucial benefit of tissue-glue alleviates the need for drainage tubes (normally placed under the skin for 1-2 days following facelift surgery to collect blood and prevent swelling) that ultimately cause discomfort during facelift recovery.

The tissue-glue has also been known to reduce the occurrence of severe complications such as hematoma, swelling and discoloration. Additionally, the sealant allows the surgeon to cover large raw surfaces.

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