Am I a Good Candidate for Facelift in Mexico?

It is exceedingly imperious that you completely understand your inspiration for seeking facelift surgery in Mexico.

The best candidates for facelift Mexico include healthy individuals who have distinct bone structure but are seeking to mend sagging skin of the face and neck.

There is not a set age for facelift procedures, however undergoing less invasive surgery earlier may help you disguise the unwarranted signs of aging. Injectables, other non-surgical treatments and minimally invasive facelifts are typically achieved in the mid 30’s, while extensive facelift procedures are excellent for men and women in their 50’s and 60’s.

You may not be fit for facelift Mexico if you suffer from certain medical conditions. Heavy smokers are not ideal candidates for facelift surgery as they are at more risk when undergoing general anesthetic, however If you do smoke, it is imperative that you stop at least two months before the surgery.

Realistic Expectations

Premier Facelift surgeons in Mexico perform miraculous facial enhancement day in and day out, however it imperative that you maintain realistic expectations. Becoming educated on the types of facelift procedures in Mexico and risks of facelift surgery in Mexico will help you achieve satisfactory results.

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