Risks of Facelift Surgery

Choosing to undergo facelift surgery in Mexico is a significant event and extremely personal.

For most patients, the benefits that you will achieve far outweigh the risks and potential complications.

Facelift Mexico, like all surgeries, does comprise of certain risks that are based on specific types of facelift procedure, your overall health and how well you follow pre and postoperative instructions.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mexico with all-embracing experience performing facelift surgeries and following the instructions they provide will help minimize the risks and help ensure a balanced facelift recovery process.

Facelift Risks and Side Effects

  •     Bleeding, Infection, Pain
  •     Thick scars
  •     Anesthesia complications
  •     Facial nerve injury; Asymmetry
  •     Skin discoloration
  •     Prolonged swelling; Numbness
  •     Fat necrosis (death of fatty tissue)
  •     Seroma; Hematoma
  •     Deep vein thrombosis
  •     Hair Loss
  •     Heart and lung complications

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